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PROGRAMM | taT-studiobühne, 20.5.2018
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taT 5 | 22 Uhr
  1. Tanzplattform Udine - Beitrag der Gewinner von „WHAT WE ARE”

  2. Breathing Art Company, Bari


    SUD is focused on the idea of southern passions, emotions and southern life's approach. Wherever you are, you will be a southern, when you feel too much, when you live too much, when something moves in you too much. SUD is a celebration of southern love for life, a celebration of passionated men and women fired by life.

    Choreographie: Simona de Tullio
    Tanz: Angela Ilaria Raffaella Lacriola, Rita Giannuzzi, Francesco L'Abbate

  3. Associazione Sosta Palmizi, Italien

    „soggetto senza titolo”

    Soggetto Senza Titolo is a painting on the wall that comes to life.
    It 's a nocturnal journey.
    The blue which dissolves in space.
    Abandoned and lonliness in the blinded cities.
    I am more than one thing and I change continiusly.
    I do not grasp the idea of time and only in this way I found myself

    "Soggetto senza titolo" is a journey.
    The body's journey in search of human being. It is a stream of consciousness translated into a body that changes its material state and unravels its journey in three movements (present, past, future), where the unreal merges with the real, in one dreamlike dimension. It's an intimate, but a the same time open dilogue with those who appear to offer their own gaze. Bodily matter is exposed to a continuous metamorphosis that evolves and transforms. Without a form, or a name, that can limit it. Like an inkblot, which expands without a container, try to search a truth. Go down where it is darker to touch his skin from the inside and there to find the essence, the root of his being...living.

    Choreographie/Tanz: Olimpia Fortuni
    Lichttechnik: Andrea Rossi
    Produktionsassistenz: Cinzia Sista

  4. CIE Irene K., Eupen

    „Mains d'or”

    Diese Choreografie entstand im Sommer 2016 im Rahmen der Trilogie „Kunst und Metall”, einem interdisziplinären Projekt. Inspiriert durch den Text „Surchauffe” (Überhitzung) von Marie-Eve Maréchal, beleuchtet das Stück einen menschlichen Aspekt unserer industriellen Vergangenheit.

    Atme, meine Geliebte, atme! Die Gefahr liegt in der Höhe wie die Höhe in der Gefahr.
    Dein Atem stockt, meine Geliebte. Atme und lasse deinen Blick schweifen.

    Choreographie : Irène Borguet-Kalbusch
    Tanz: Anaïs Van Eycken, Andrea Gallo Rosso