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PROGRAMM | taT-studiobühne, 18.5.2018
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taT 2 | 22 Uhr
  1. Flies & tales

    „None of us”

    Tanz & Choreografie: Lenah Flaig und Josefine Patzelt
    Komposition: Eric Eggert

    Besonderer Dank an ZAIK.

  2. Dansmakers Amsterdam / Marie Goeminne


    a silent, intimate performance

    a naked body without a face
    the skin is screaming a poem
    your perception is stimulated
    so close, so intimate and yet untouchable

    Lostbox arrises from a fascination with man, the body as shape and what goes on in that shape, the thoughts and feelings. Lostbox is a game between the verbal and non-verbal language, about what words and actions - sometimes ambiguous - can mean. Limited to one position and an abstract, strange shape the body is slowly becoming visible, while words disappear into nothingness.

    Eine Frau in einem viel zu kleinen Kasten. Nackt. Verloren. Begrenzt. Auf eine Position im Raum und eine Haltung. Worte erscheinen, wiegen sich in Ambivalenz, verblassen aber zunehmend zugunsten des Körpers.

    Choreographie: Marie Goeminne
    Tanz: Maaike van de Westeringh

  3. Paolo Fossa

    „15 Minutes to tell of”

    Das kurze Stück will eine Stilübung sein. Ein Mensch, trifft für ein begrenzte Zeit eine Zuschauen in einem leer Raum. Der erzählende Körper wird das Restliche tun.

    Choreographie/Tanz: Paolo Fossa

  4. Kihako Narisawa


    P.S. = Personal Space

    Permitting a person to enter personal space and entering somebody else's personal space are indicators of perception of those people's relationship. How to protect your own personal space. What you lose by being confined in a personal space, and what you get for.

    p.s. You are allowed to be where you are

    - - -

    P.S. is an experimental study piece. Based on the definition on personal space which was proposed by American anthropologist Edward T. Hall. He describes that the personal space can categorise into four different zones.
    I tried to apply those four zones into actual theatre space.

    Kihako Narisawa (Japan 1984)

    Freelance artist based in Frankfurt, born and raised in Tokyo Japan, is a physical performing artist, choreographer and visual artist.

    She has received her dance and art education at l'Ecole superieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower in Cannes France (2002-2004), received a certificate specialisation as dancer, Bachelor program of Dance at Codarts (University of the Arts - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Musiek Dans) in Rotterdam The Netherlands (2004-2006). Upon completion of her formal dance and art studies, she had the opportunity to work with various creatives in the European dance scene.

    She has had engagements as professional dancer/artist with Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia Italy (2005-2009), Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Thoss Tanzkompanie in Wiesbaden Germany (2009-2013), Ballet Basel at Theater Basel in Basel Switzerland (2013-2016). During this time she has had the opportunity to present works in aforementioned companies young choreographer evenings as well independence scene spaces.

    Studio Zero (2016) along with Claudio Costantino, facet (2016), Phone Phainó Phoney (2015) along with Jeremy Nedd and Fabrizio Di Salvo, P.S. (2015), exchange (2015) along with Jeremy Nedd, Room 49 (2013), glitch (2012), silencing (2011)

    Keith Chin (Malaysia/Germany 1986)
    He was born in Malaysia and completed his dance training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth. Since graduating, he has worked with the West Australian Ballet, Tanzcompagnie Gießen, Dance Company Osnabrück and the Danish Dance Theatre. He is currently a freelance dancer based in Germany.

    Kilian Paterson (Germany 1988)
    DJ and Freelance architect, born in 1988. He has contributed his music composition for choreographic work of Kihako Narisawa "Room 49" live-play premiered in 2013 at Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, and "P.S." premiered in 2015 at Theater Basel. He is a member of Hotel International Parties since 2014. Resident DJ at club Robert Johnson since 2015. He has received his B.A. degree of Architecture in 2017.

    Choreographie: Kihako Narisawa
    Tanz: Kihako Narisawa, Keith Chin
    Komposition: Kilian Paterson